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The evolution of PES: 2003 – Pro Evolution Soccer 3 #throwbackthursday

Marvin Ronsdorf 29. Januar 2015 throwbackthursday // English-version Kommentare deaktiviert für The evolution of PES: 2003 – Pro Evolution Soccer 3 #throwbackthursday

We continue our series with Pro Evolution Soccer 3, which was released in 2003.

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (2003)



We reached the seventh iteration of the Winning Eleven series by now, which was released as Pro Evolution Soccer 3 in Europe. Konami focussed again on the development of gameplay but also added a few smaller improvements such as licenses for club teams, which had their real-life kits and emblems. It was another step in the right direction and the following games will show, that Konami managed to obtain new licenses year after year. Another addition was the PES shop, where you could buy only few helpful things. You could, for example, unlock new stadiums or classic players. The selection of club teams changed, which was due to the teams‘ perfomances in the previous season. Leverkusen, Bayern, Dotrmund, Hamburg, Berlin, Schalke and Bremen were the German available teams. Unfortunately, they did not have their real names because of missing licenses, and it was no different regarding stadiums. If you wanted to play at Stamford, you would search for it to no avail. „Blue Bridge“ was the name to look for, and experts instantly recognised the stadiums from the thumbnails, despite the fake names.I could not really feel a big difference on the pitch compared to its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any development. Players who were used to PES 2 could pick up the controller and get to grips with PES 3 quickly. Graphics were enhanced a little, and the game’s flow was smoother. The keepers, however, were often unpredictable, hit-and-miss.

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