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The evolution of PES: 2001 – Pro Evolution Soccer #throwbackthursday

Marvin Ronsdorf 22. Januar 2015 throwbackthursday // English-version Kommentare deaktiviert für The evolution of PES: 2001 – Pro Evolution Soccer #throwbackthursday

November in 2001 marked the release of the next iteration of the IIS Pro Evolution series, this time on PS2. Additionally, the name of the series was changed, to dissociate form the name of the ISS series. From now on, the game should be referred to as Pro Evolution Soccer.



Pro Evolution Soccer (2001)

(Playstation 2)

Even though Pro Evolution Soccer was released in the same year as the last ISS Pro Evolution, you instantly realized that the two games had nearly nothing in common. Finally, club teams were introduced! Dortmund, Leverkusen and Bayern Munich were the three German clubs of the 32 teams at choice. Master league made its first appearance and many players had their real name as well as their proper looks, such as Michael Ballack or Oliver Kahn. Other teams had to get along with fantasy names, as for instance the two strikers Alber and Zipparo at Bayern Munich. The game had a lot more to offer than „only“ Next-Gen graphics, and it was an insiders‘ tip for bored FIFA players who wanted to try something else and new. It was totally different compared to its competitors, as those of you who played it back then will most likely remember. Since the last ISS game from a few month ago, many things had changed on the pitch. The speed of the game was slowed down even further, which was a very welcome change. Thanks to the transition to the new console, the controls were a lot better and your AI teammates as well as your opponents had improved a lot since their last appearance on the pitch. Now matches on higher difficulties proved challenging and scoring sprees disappeared, because you could not score from the same position over and over again. Pro Evolution Soccer did whet your appetite for just one more match, and then just one more. Just one more match, ok? I spent countless nights playing PES with my friends.

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