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The evolution of PES: 1997 – International Superstar Soccer Pro #throwbackthursday

Marvin Ronsdorf 8. Januar 2015 throwbackthursday // English-version Kommentare deaktiviert für The evolution of PES: 1997 – International Superstar Soccer Pro #throwbackthursday

This time we will have a look at International Superstar Soccer Pro. Fingers crossed that this week’s game is a lot better than last week’s Goal Storm.


International Superstar Soccer Pro (1997)



ISS Pro was released June 1997 for the PS One. It was called World Soccer Winning Eleven ’97 in Japan and Goal Storm ’97 in the United States. The successor of last week’s game featured a better game play, although I’m still losing to the AI. The controls were only marginally different compared to its predecessor and the same applies to the game modes, because Konami didn’t want to change a lot. Thus, only exhibition match, international league, international cup and penalty shoot-out were available. You could choose between 32 teams and the formation settings were pretty much the same as in Goal Storm. However, a lot changed on the pitch. Player models were a lot better – of course, they still had rough edges – which led to a better overall match experience. I still had problems with the manual controls of the keeper, though. RIght out of the gate you realised, that this game was still very arcadey and anything but a football simulation like today’s games are. The referee took one step forward, but also two steps backward: he did indeed use his whistle – finally! – , but only rarely did he book you for fouls.

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